What I'm Doing Now

(inspired by Derek)

  • I run a consultancy practice, FeverBee, which helps organisations build communities for customers, employees, fans, and other stakeholders. Our clients have included the likes of Apple, Meta, Alphabet, Microsoft, Intel, SAP, etc…You can find more information here.

  • I write this newsletter. I feel a lot of consulting advice is out of date. This newsletter is looking to provide practical steps that have consistently worked for me in building an independent consulting practice.

  • Launching a group for independent consultants. I’m in the early stages of launching a group for consultants to connect and engage with one another. If you want to join, drop me an email (richard@feverbee.com).

  • I’m writing a book. Aren’t we all? I’ve got a more or less complete first draft of a book on building an independent, sustainable, consulting practice. But I won’t be publishing it until I’m sure there is a demand for the kind of consultancy knowledge I want to share.

  • I play chess. A lot of chess. My rating on blitz chess fluctuates between 1850 and 1550. I’d like to try and get up to a consistent 1900 rating. I seem to have peaked at 1750 at the moment. You can track my progress here.

  • I’m looking to take more mini-breaks. I take one month off a year to go somewhere fun and explore (typically scuba dive too). I’m considering doing this twice a year.