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Hi, my name is Richard Millington, and welcome to my newsletter.

I founded my consultancy practice, FeverBee, in 2010 when I was just 25 years old.

Since then my practice has generated millions of dollars in revenue and I’ve been fortunate enough to work with many of the largest organisations in the world. This includes Apple, Microsoft, Meta, Google, Oracle, SAP, Sephora, HP, Atlassian, Intel, and many more.

Now I want to help you do the same. In this newsletter, I’m going to share the battle-tested steps to help you build a successful practice.

Best Of The Newsletter

Attracting Clients

  1. Pick The Right Client Acquisition Method

  2. How to Stand Out and Build a Loyal Following in 2023

  3. What Should You Charge? A Simple Pricing Guides For Consultants

  4. How to Sell Consultancy Services.

  5. Successful Consulting Proposals (avoid sending a DOA proposal)

  6. How To Developing A Successful Consultancy Website

  7. The Battles of Stories: How You Can Win Business Against Bigger, More Established, Competitors

  8. The Client Magnet: Delivering Talks Which Attract Clients

  9. Become The Top Expert On A Big, Expensive, Problem

  10. Don’t Offer Free Audits To Prospective Clients (Offer This Instead)

  11. How To Get Coveted Speaking Spots At Industry Events

  12. Sell A Service, Not Yourself

Delivering Consultancy Projects

  1. The Consulting Mindset: Always Take The Initiative

  2. The Consulting Mindset: Building Your Confidence And Tackling Insecurities

  3. Don’t Take Sides In Internal Conflicts

  4. The One Practice Every Consultant Should Embrace

  5. Three Reasons Why Organisations Don't Implement A Consultant's Recommendations

  6. The Common Traps Which Can Derail Great Client Relationships

  7. Four Habits Of Successful Consultants

  8. How To Win Over Hostile Stakeholders

  9. What Are Great Questions To Ask Clients?

  10. Better Storytelling: A Key Tool In The Consultancy Arsenal

What Will This Newsletter Cover?

I want to cover:

  • How to adopt the right mindset for consulting.

  • What services consultants should sell and how to sell them.

  • How to sell consultancy projects to industry giants.

  • The legal implications of consulting.

  • The key consultancy skills you need.

  • Maximising your revenue as a consultant.

  • Tackling the competition.

I also want to talk about what the day-to-day work of consulting is like and what kind of lifestyle it supports.

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