Great post! I have consistently been building generic tools that I can share and repurpose with any prospective clients and have also been doing a ton of pro bono sessions that are not free audits but more like "expert witness" sessions. I saw these as two distinct things but I really like the way you have connect them. The lost opportunity cost is real. "...Offering your time for free essentially highlights both how much time you have to spare and how low value it is. It sets the anchor for your services to $0."; that landed like a punch in the face. I should be paying for this newsletter ;-)

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Totally agree—Great post.

My one exception to the "Not Free" rule is offering a new product or service to someone to test drive it and provide feedback.

Otherwise, I agree with the sentiment expressed in the post above in "Friends of the Firm."

My approach to life is to be generous and never nickel & dime people.

The answer to the implied request "I'd like to pick your brains" is—certainly—I'll send link where you can book the time that you need.

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